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We highly value our customers.  Our aim is to provide a quality product and excellent service to ensure that our customers are thoroughly satisfied.  Should circumstances arise that result in a less than satisfactory customer experience, we will work closely with our customer to resolve the issue and arrive at a favorable outcome.  Sometimes this may lead to a return of product.  Please read our ‘Return and Exchange’ policy for guidance in this area.


Oceana Beads understands how important the privacy of our customers’ information is, and we pledge that we will never give, sell or lease the information given to us by our customers; customer information is used by our company ONLY to fill orders and ship products. This process, however, necessitates that we work with credit card processing companies, and payment applications as well as shipping companies who gain access to certain client information in order to complete their part in the process.  We insist that our business partners maintain the privacy of our customers, however, we can ultimately not be responsible for any lapse on the part of our business partners.  When purchasing from our web store, our customers acknowledge having read our policies including our privacy policy and acknowledge that Oceana Beads cannot be responsible for the actions of our business partners.


Oceana Beads is a wholesale web site designed to supply high quality Czech glass products to brick & mortar/web stores as well as to designers who use Czech glass components in their art and/or products.   We offer competitive wholesale pricing to these entities to contribute to their success, and we strive to protect them by ensuring that each prospective customer meets certain eligibility requirements that define the type of wholesale buyer they are. To that end, we will gather resale information for each customer via our online form that will also include a few questions relevant to our goal to provide service to legitimate wholesale buyers only.  Further to that goal we have instituted a minimum order value for purchases from our web store.


Minimum order value:  $75


Abandoned Carts

Carts will be kept for 30 days and then automatically deleted without the ability to recover.


Products in our web store are priced at wholesale, approximately 60% off suggested retail pricing.  Further discounts/benefits may be given under special circumstances as arranged and agreed to between buyer and Oceana Beads. This includes high volume purchases and Brick and Mortar establishments.  Please email Oceana Beads for information.

Domestic orders $500+ will receive free shipping.

Additional promotions may be provided from time to time. 

This pricing and discount structure applies to every order on domestic as well as international customers.


Payment Method

Payment must be received before orders are shipped unless other arrangements have been made and agreed to by Oceana Beads. If payment method is declined, the order will not be shipped. Ownership of the products pertaining to a declined payment method is retained by Oceana Beads, and buyer will not have any ownership rights to the items ordered.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Square

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