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Oceana Beads is a wholesale distributer of the highest quality Czech glass beads and buttons.


Our story started in 1993 when we began designing and making artisan jewelry that was sold at several of the many art festivals held in our area of Northern California. We fell in love and totally immersed ourselves in the process.  A few years later we opened a retail storefront providing high quality beads and jewelry-making supplies to our customers. With the beautiful glass colors, amazing glass combinations and finishes, and unique and varied bead designs, we soon found ourselves specializing in Czech glass beads and buttons. Eventually we traveled to the glass and button factories in the Czech Republic and once again fell in love - with the people, the food, the countryside, and of course, the bead making process. We began sourcing our products directly from the Czech Republic and are now able to supply our wholesale customers – brick and mortar and online stores as well as designers - with the highest quality glass beads and buttons available at prices that contribute to their success.


We feel incredibly lucky to be part of preserving this historic and artistic process while having the ability to offer our customers a wide array of choices in new designs and finishes as well as vintage designs in Czech glass beads and buttons.

And we are continually working on original molds for new and unique beads to present to you, our customers.

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