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  • ~ How can I Sign Up?
    Oceana Beads LLC is a Wholesale Bead company. To purchase directly from Oceana Beads you need to own/operate a business. You may be a Designer reselling your creations or you may be a Shop Owner reselling beads. * Sign Up & provide us with your business information on the Registration page * We will review your information & approve your member status. * Once approved you can log in & enter the Bead Shoppe to make purchases. For retail purchasing of our products please visit the section (coming soon).
  • ~ What are the Wholesale terms?
    Please visit the Wholesale Purchasing page for more info about our wholesale terms.
  • ~ How are Czech Glass beads made?
    Most Czech glass beads are first pressed into shape from molten glass rods with a metal press. Years ago this process was all done by hand &, though there are automations now, much of the bead making art is still very much a cottage Industry in the Czech Republic. Many of the Czech bead factories are family owned and operated. From start to finish a pressed glass bead can take 6-9 weeks before production is complete, depending on how many steps go into the design of the bead. Czech glass beads are made of a base glass & sometimes glass finishes are applied to the base glass with furnaces or other methods. There can also be facetting, table cutting or fire polishing processes that take place as well. * Glass pricing depends on the raw materials (the elements/chemicals) needed to produce a particular color of glass and/or finishes.
  • ~ Do you offer Free Shipping or other Discounts?
    Yes, Please visit the Wholesale Purchasing page for more info on when free shipping and discounts apply.
  • ~ How long will it take to get my beads?
    Shipping time can vary, but here are some estimates that will apply to most orders Domestic shipments: PRIORITY * 3-6 business days * (estimate of fufillment + delivery) International shipments: * 8-12 business days * (estimate of fufillment + delivery) We cannot guarantee these approximate delivery times. These are estimates based on time to process the order + US Postal Service or shipping Carrier services. For more shipping details please visit the Shipping & Returns page.
  • ~ Do you accept Returns?
    In short - yes we do, however, exceptions do apply and there are time limitations on acceptance of a return. You will also need to contact us first. For more info. about returns please visit the Shipping & Returns page.
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